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Twipsy242 Great journey! Each Song a precious ear-worm 👍🏻. Love the sound loops and the voice 😍. Listen now fellows
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flowinglower Dark Electro
San Antonio, TX 🇺🇸

James Mendez breathes new life into Jihad 23 years later. Forget A Prayer In The Night, this is where it’s at. Vincent’s (2nd Face) mastering compliments the production with such clarity. Favorite track: Visions.
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ackstorm The magic of James/Jihad is back again, and nothing is lost.

The same soul-searching emotionally-charged music and lyrics return, ready to open your mind and your heart to the chaos of these modern times.
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silikonanswer This is one of the best albums I've heard in years. Everything is pure gold. Between heaven and hell, beautidul The production is truly amazing. No fillers.
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Look into my eyes and tell me what you see. A vision; premonition; everything you want from me. A fix for now, is all I need. Tip the balance right. Justify. Crucify. Make me understand. I grieve. A prisoner. A messenger for all that I need. Desensitized. I realize, there's nothing left. Nothing to accept. Take from me. Take from me. There's nothing I forget. But everything I regret. Take, and you take. Until, there's nothing left. Strip away apologies. Consume my thoughts; my breath. My right. You understand my needs. But don't forget. I'm real. I'm real. I'm real. I'm real. It's trivial. You smile. I cry. You frown. I divide. Innocence. You drain. Detriment. Why can't I refrain? Unplug me. Take what you need. Open up the truth. Why me?! Why me?! Infinity. I must confess. Another day that I forget. I can't understand that everything I command. Is it real or right? Don't look at me. It's not my fight. I project. You see right through me. There's nothing left. Why can't I let go?! Why can't I let go?!
Visions 05:23
Come. And let me in your mind. [Absolutely] Truth. There's nothing you can't hide. [Positively] Terrified; I pacify; I'm torn between the two. Laughing from my point of view. Don't you see what's true? Look beyond the frames of mind. Moments in your life; it's time. Walk with me and you shall see. Left behind all thoughts and memories. A time to change what's left behind. Sinister. And fears. All kinds. Share with me what you can't see. All your dreams; lost thoughts; your misery. I travel the world; so much to see. An innocence I've lost. It set me free. Will I understand the moments of time? I'm lost with words. No, I'm not fine. These are things I must contain. Never forget. Until next time... Fear. You look right through me now. [Satisfy me] Lies. That propagate my mind. [Dying lightly] Take away the screams I bind. Lifeless form. An effigy. Lost. Emptiness inside. Deny.
I wake up. Locked away inside. It's too late. Don't let them see you lie. Absolute. That's what I might hide. There's nothing left. Nothing left inside. And you try. Everything inside. The moments left behind. It captivates my mind. Truth or dare. We fight! Decisions left behind. Dissect the thoughts that bind. You take me for a ride. Never mind; I'm lost. Thank you for the times. I wake up. No place to run or hide. There's no one left. Everyone's disguise. So full of shit! I see right through your lies. No innocence. You'll never see me try.
We Believe 06:10
Affliction. Mistakes deny. Punishment aversion; another lie. Obedience, is what we try. Inner conflict is what we have inside. [We believe] A subtle truth in what they say. [Disbelief] Nothing's left. Nothing's right. [We deceive] Another day. Another fight. [Talk to me] Tell me what you really mean! System, is what we've left behind. Indifference, is what they want. You decide. Another view. Another time. Absence from our state of mind. Every day. Every night. It always ends the same. That's right. Eventually my friend things end. Don't you worry. Don't you fret.
The Prophecy 04:47
Living under a constant fear. Machines; Artillery; Cyborgs with gear. Living now as you may see. That was then; this is misery. Fully equipped here they come. They can't be stopped. Only the strong survive; and the weak shall perish. In the end, you will find that nothing's sane here. War Constant battle Total destruction Only the strong survive; and the weak shall perish. In the end, you will find that nothing's sane here. A living hell! Man-made machines built for war. Killing machines that can ignore. The pain; feelings; anything. That could be from human beings.
I catch a glimpse from the corner of my eye. Impersonation or the depths of disguise? You seem distraught; deranged one might say. Did I hallucinate? Or what is that I see? [Die! Die! Die!] See no reflection of me. [Lie! Lie! Lie!] Are you my effigy? [Hide! Hide! Hide!] You cast no shadows. [Why? Why? Why?] Perverted imagery. Observe this ghostly variant of me. It also brings death, illness or tragedy. It is so sinister and so unlike me. You possess my emotions and memories. To make themselves known transiently. Interacting with the world in periphery. This phenomenon; erroneous obscurity. To interact and engage with another me. I see you laughing in the other room. Your whispers filled with nefarious intent. The others speak and assume that you're me. Hiding on the edges of our known reality. An apparition from another time or space. It's here for me. It's here to take my place! I must expel this duplicate of me. And send it back; yet soon to set me free!
The god of death. A man or an advocate of embodiment. Deliberation of the heart. Unwieldy; unobscured; to liberate. Shall I usher them into the afterlife? Or shall they be exiled? I am black. I am the earth! Regeneration of vitality. I am the messenger. I am the hound. The transformation of man. To consecrate. A savior of the underworld. Lord of the sacred land. "The organs are a gift", he said. "I shall proclaim, the patron god. To preserve; to protect; a cleansing of the heart. I bear the weight alone. I judge the truth without a mask. Guiding those from the edge of totality to the afterlife." I see the lakes of fire; the walls of iron. The book of death and desires. This is a test of time. To reach eternal life. The realm of the dead. Rite of passages. The benevolence of man. Inferior demands! The price is paid with the weight of my heart. Consume my pain. Accept my soul. Absolved to die a second time.
My right. My world. Three steps ahead. I rule. Hierarchy of dreams. At the cost of someone else's means. Is this law? Is this right? What is wrong? Who defines the rite? Everything we do and everything we say. Along for the ride. Or are you here to play? Are you sick? Is this fair? More money. Do you care? More power. And more greed. How much is enough? How much do you need? A sea of red. A sea of beige. Do you stand? Or do you pray? We are the same. [We separate!] Your beliefs. [And my rage!] What is it you hear? What is it they say? We are the lies and we are the fears. Do you seek the truth? [We decimate!] Do you speak the lies? [We procreate!] And he said unto him. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. And where is your God? And where is your disgrace?!
Origins 05:38
Retrospekt 06:04
I look back, and I see impressions from the past. Am I here now? Or reaching back? Holding on to the years. The days lapse. 5, 10, 20 years pass. Where have you gone? What have you claimed? Made for yourself? There's one chance. There's one life. There's no going back. I look ahead and embrace the essence that I've made. What's done is done from the path I've laid. That frames what we've become today and the rest of what remains. The blue prints ingrained in existence. We're born. We live and we die. What is our purpose? Our time that remains? It is written, a guaranteed demise. Who will maintain, the cadence of our past? And carry forth an estate that we demand. I see the ghost from my past. In reflections, from my broken mask. The love. The hate. Moments forever lost. The memories that will fade. There's no tomorrow. No more regrets. We've run out of time. One last breath. I leave behind my legacy. In retrospect, I see my [Life!]


released April 30, 2020

Programming, Arrangements, Samples, Mixing, Lyrics and Vocals
James Mendez | |

Vincent Uhlig |

Design / Illustration
Jeff Murray

Jaime Chavez, Thomas Fritsche (Nightshark Photography), S. Jafan (, GAndy_EA, Alexander Jung


all rights reserved



Jihad San Antonio, Texas

Jihad initially included brothers James (Music) and Rich Mendez (Vocals), but now consists of only James. He was originally influenced by association with the Dassings & his brother's Benestrophe project since it began sometime between 1987 - 1988. Jihad became known for their song titled, Hands That Hide, featured on the quadruple CD collection from RAS DVA called, There Is No Time. ... more

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